About  Candice Townsend


Long story short

Candice Townsend is a Business Professional with 5 years of experience in the areas of Social Media Strategy & Business Operations. She is the owner of Effortless Social Media Services based in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Townsend provides social media services helping to enhance brand awareness, creating business uniformity, as well as expanding social & professional networks. Her desire to provide such exceptional service is due to her own journey through social media mishaps, while building her brand’s credibility & visibility online. She quickly discovered that her understanding of social trends, algorithms & consistency was  her key to social media success. Using her knowledge, she was able to gross 50k for her online-only based company in its first year and was able to replicate that success for another online based business called “Body By Dianne” a year later. She has continued to use her formula for other entrepreneurs to help them achieve the success they desire.


She has a passion to help point other business owners/hopefuls in the right direction on social media, saving them thousands of dollars & allowing them to spend more time enjoying creating or maintaining their brand.

Ms. Townsend has worked with VH1 stylists, The Off the Field Players’ Wives Association, Music Artists, Models, YouTube Beauty Gurus & various business professionals across the world. She also holds an AA in Sociology, and is working towards a double major in Sociology & Business Management. While furthering her education, she is becoming an outstanding business professional, with hopes to teach & speak on the importance of social media around the world.