Some MAJOR changes are going down in the YouTube beauty community, and the latest news is that everyone is displeased with Tarte’s newest launch for their Shape Tape Foundation. You may ask yourself, “Girl why people upset over some foundation?” That’s what we are going to explore today and feel free to chime in; your feedback is appreciated!

Get your cups ready, here comes the TEA!

When looking at the current shade range (which Tarte has confirmed that they will expand the shade range), you will notice that it’s currently excluding most makeup lovers. Tarte is a well known brand, however it seems they have forgotten to include shades that would better match those who STAN for them! Most YouTube influencers are dragging the brand, appearing “insulted” by the shade ranges they we sent via PR to test and try the new product. One of the funniest yet outspoken videos that highlight Tarte’s lack of darker shades is from the one and only Jackie Aina! Her mission has been to use her platform to advocate beauty equality and daring brands to become all-inclusive. Her approach to this situation is laced with raw thoughts and humor laced banter to try to keep it light. See what I did there? Here goes the video….


Other notable opinions include James, Alissa Ashley, Makeup Shayla and RawBeautyKristi

 The issue is more than skin deep; it’s 2018 and brands are STILL treating WOC as an afterthought within HUGE product launches that generate millions of dollars in revenue! Some of that revenue comes from women like me having to purchase 2 different colors just to settle on a “match”. That means if you want to try this new item you would spend $39 PER SHADE, to create a shade that matches you. I know many would think, “Well if it’s that serious, do business with those who include you!”, and I hear you. I do what I have to do to make it work. However, that doesn’t give HUGE BRANDS a pass that are asleep at the inclusion wheel; they don’t bat an eye to use WOC within their marketing to launch campaigns!

Point blank, the backlash from beauty influencers should prompt Tarte to have an open conversation with the beauty community and let everyone know they messed up. Instead, they noted they are releasing new colors and began to block people and comments made on their social media accounts from outraged consumers. I don’t think that making the announcement of new shades was enough of a fix to save this new product launch. I look forward to what the brand will do to clean up this major mishap.