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So after the success and feedback of my previous Valentine Day idea blog, I decided to give it another go ‘round with a second batch of combinable gifts that can set an amazing mood and isn’t hard on the pockets. These “gifting” ideas matter more, because of the amount of “thought” put into it. It’s not about having the BIGGEST ring or the fanciest of everything. It’s about giving a gift that someone would never forget from the heart.

Let’s Start!

Spa Day at Le Casa!

Gift 1: Treat Yo’ Self!

There’s nothing that screams pampering like a good ole facial cleansing. We aren’t talking about the daily cleansing where you use a cleanser and keep it moving; we’re talking about combining great products together to give an experience that leaves you feeling lux and refreshed. You can start by heading over to good ole Amazon and getting this new cleanser which I’m currently crushing on called Vita Clarify by Essa Skin Care. (Direct link to product: It’s paraben, sulfate and phthalates-free with tons of vitamin A, B, C and E in its formula. It has a very light and refreshing feel, perfect for your sweets who’s been neglecting themselves for the past couple of weeks due to the cold. I suggest this be used after a nice, warm bath (see previous blog idea) to continue the “self- care theme” or continue onward to the next idea, where we kick things into super chill mode.

Gift: Mask On, No Future!

We all hear about facial masks that can improve the skin, but do you ever take the time to indulge in one? I was happy to review this plush feeling orange facial mask from IBeautyLabs (direct link: , where it demands that you lay back and allow the aroma of oranges take over your senses. To apply on your sweets, ask them to pat their face dry after they used the included clarifying face wash with a clean towel. Direct them to the bed and ask them to lie down OR face them sitting in a comfy chair and tilt their head back. Apply the face mask, and smooth the excess serum on the area the mask is unable to reach. Make sure they are able to rest that way for about 20 minutes. Turn on some nice tunes, have a great chat with them or leave them in silence as they allow the serum to do its magic. They will feel a slight tingle as it activates and penetrates the skin.

Heck, throw in a foot massage while they are under this treatment to give the “spa” like feel of pampering! You can use this Coconut Scrub (direct link: for their calves and feet for a good ole light foot wash and massage if you are able to gain access to a small bowl and a fluffy towel! This scrub does wonders for the skin; I enjoyed using it for the past 2 weeks.

Gift 3: Fruit Infused Water!

Listen. I have never been anywhere fancy without having some good ole fruit infused water! Let your sweets sit there as you apply a facial mask and pamper their feet. They might get a little thirsty. In comes the fruit infused water to really give that “spa day” feel and round up the overall theme of this V-Day adventure! Here goes a great list to give you some AMAZING combinations (recipe list here) as I LOVE the Blueberry Orange water combo. Wanna know the best part? Water also helps to nourish the skin, keeping it plush and youthful which ties wright into your spa day idea. How cool is that?

Well there goes my 2 cents on this Vday matter. If you use any of these ideas let me know how it turned out for ya.

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New Colourpop, Who Dis? Tue, 23 Jan 2018 22:00:54 +0000 Dear Colourpop,

Can you PLEASE stop taking my extra coins?!

So if you haven’t heard, Colourpop has released not one……..BUT THREE new product reveals this week and I just CAN’T deal! I have fallen in LOVE with this brand, as their mission is to provide the beauty community with high quality makeup that doesn’t break the bank. They are incredible with the color payoff and overall performance of products they provide. Below are some peeks into what’s next:


  1. Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette

We gave the brand a bit of flack for being nudiepop with a lack of color in past couple of months, so they gave us a color launch so unreal these past 2 weeks, BUT these are nudes I can live with! These look rich in color, suitable for everyday wearable eye combos and dare I say….brown girl friendly as fuck? Yups, the coins shall be spilt over for this new beauty.


  1. In-Nude-Endo Highlight Palette

I have a feeling that many of you are going to notice that ABH recently revealed their newest highlight palette, and Colourpop’s newest palette bears some similarities indeed. I know these highlighters are going to be FIRE, because when it comes to glow, Colourpop does a pretty cool job. Expect to see a lot of content from influencers that will compare the two brands.

  1. Lux Lipstick by Colourpop

Now THIS was a launch that Colourpop hinted at for a bit, but many are still on the fence. See, Colourpop has its lippie stick products which are technically their spin of bullet lipsticks. Now that they are coming out with these, many wonder will lippie sticks take a super back seat, or will both products be sold. So far, it looks as though these are going to be super cute, but I don’t think I’m ready to part from my lippie sticks just yet!

Well there you have it; product photos, swatches and news about these upcoming products from TakeMyMoneyPop, lol. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands (and face) on these products and take them for a spin. What do you think of the new products?

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The Thoughts That Count: Valentine’s Day Gift Series Tue, 23 Jan 2018 13:11:46 +0000

As an influencer and more so as a woman, I KNOW that Valentine’s Day becomes a pretty big deal around this time for those who are in love. The thought of trying to pull it all together for that special someone can be mentally and monetarily draining. That’s why this series was created! Think of me as like your Fairy Valentine’s Day Genie! This series will help you WOW your special person and be gentle on the pockets. Let’s get into it!

Make It A Detox Night

Nothing screams thoughtful like a great night indoors sharing some much needed alone time with each other. Now I understand that this can be done anytime of the year, but with these added extras it will add a SPECIAL touch to the cause. You might just gain sweetheart of the year award to boot (Let me know if you do!)

Step One: Homemade Bath Bombs!

Yes, homemade as in infuse your time and energy into making homemade bath bombs for your sweetie! This is a great experience; making something with your hands lets you take a lot of pride in seeing others enjoy it. I made some recently, and it was a great experience as I whipped up my lavender infused bath buddies. I used molds from Ian’s Choice (click here to purchase your set) and a recipe from here . For the oils; I had a cute little box set from here which gives you a variety to play with. Be sure to follow directions as essential oils are serious business and using too much can create some issue. The hard part of this project was being patient with the process of them bomb molding since I wanted to INSTANTLY use them because they smelled sooooo good. Here goes my end result after giving some away.

These bath bombs also help to remove impurities from the skin. Detoxing from a long day is exactly what anyone would love to do and this is a great moment to make it happen. Bonus IDEA: Make some bath bombs with your sweets! It would be a fun bonding experience and will surely turn into a cute activity that you guys can do every now and again. Be sure not to tell them what the end result will be for them though.

Step Two: Aroma Therapy

So you got the oils from above right? Cool, NOW let’s take this bad boy UP a notch! Create a super relaxing atmosphere with an oil diffuser! I got this cool little guy from Ominihome . It’s pretty easy to use and silent but works like a charm! Since Lavender is calming oil and you probably used the lavender oil to create the bath bomb, you now have a nice calming and relaxing theme going! You could always use a different scent that pairs well with Lavender, like Sandlewood or Rosemary. So follow the directions where you fill the reservoir to a certain point, add 3 drops of oil and allow it to fill the air. I suggest you place this in the bathroom, as that would fill up the room with an amazing smell that will enchant your sweetheart.

Step Three: By Candlelight

So we got bath bombs, we got soothing smells and now we add the candles. Yes, this is the romantic scene we see in the movies and it doesn’t seem that original, BUT how often do we take the time to put all this together for the one we love? I found these Target and I instantly grabbed them before I know what they were! These babies hold candles and allow you to be safe and cute! Having about 3 of these lit in a bathroom with the lights off over very dim would give a very romantic setting. Wanna know the best part? They are only $3 a piece and once done if your sweetheart is a lady or you want to take the spoils they can double as really cute makeup brush holders. How about that? Just remove any wax that might have spilled and you are good to go!

Execution: Call off the day OR go home early. Have all items in place before your hunny gets home and when they come through the door, release the hounds! Paired with a nice dinner this would be a perfect night! Thank me later!

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Kat Von D New Studded Kiss Lipsticks Mon, 22 Jan 2018 22:00:02 +0000 So most are aware that Kat Von D has rereleased her Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick. I feel that she wasn’t completely impressed with the overall product, and the feedback prompted her to get back in the lab and whip up something different! As a part of a program that I adore, I get to work with brands like Kat Von D as an influencer. I was sent her NEWEST Studded Kiss Lipstick with the improved formula for testing and I’m here to give you the details. This launch includes 40 shades and 3 finishes, with most matching her liquid lip shades. They retail at $19 a pop which isn’t too bad.

*These are my personal thoughts of this product that I was sent to test. I do not speak for the brand but of the brand to review their product*

First off, packaging is sooo cute! It’s sleek and ties into the name “studded” as you can see. It feels durable as well. I tend to hate how some brands use cheap packaging KNOWING these lippies end up at the bottom of our bags, and one thing worse that stepping in dog poo is reaching into your purse with makeup all over the place. I received the color Cathedral which is described as a satin-matte coco rose color. You can see this and more colors by heading to to her website. I personally would have gone with a darker shade, BUT I actually like this as it gives me nude lippie vibes. I surely used a brown lip liner to help a bit but I’ll show you how it looks with and without the lip liner so that you can get the true effect of this lipstick. (insert photos here) It goes on smooth and has a light scent of vanilla, which I love. The formula doesn’t feel drying to the lips and the color payoff is pretty great. I think this would be a nice summer color for me. I’m actually looking forward to purchasing some of the other shades, as I wouldn’t want for this cutie to be without some siblings. Overall, it would be a great purchase. Which shade are you excited to get your hands on?

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Beauty Influencers vs Tarte Sun, 21 Jan 2018 22:00:23 +0000 Listen…

Some MAJOR changes are going down in the YouTube beauty community, and the latest news is that everyone is displeased with Tarte’s newest launch for their Shape Tape Foundation. You may ask yourself, “Girl why people upset over some foundation?” That’s what we are going to explore today and feel free to chime in; your feedback is appreciated!

Get your cups ready, here comes the TEA!

When looking at the current shade range (which Tarte has confirmed that they will expand the shade range), you will notice that it’s currently excluding most makeup lovers. Tarte is a well known brand, however it seems they have forgotten to include shades that would better match those who STAN for them! Most YouTube influencers are dragging the brand, appearing “insulted” by the shade ranges they we sent via PR to test and try the new product. One of the funniest yet outspoken videos that highlight Tarte’s lack of darker shades is from the one and only Jackie Aina! Her mission has been to use her platform to advocate beauty equality and daring brands to become all-inclusive. Her approach to this situation is laced with raw thoughts and humor laced banter to try to keep it light. See what I did there? Here goes the video….


Other notable opinions include James, Alissa Ashley, Makeup Shayla and RawBeautyKristi

 The issue is more than skin deep; it’s 2018 and brands are STILL treating WOC as an afterthought within HUGE product launches that generate millions of dollars in revenue! Some of that revenue comes from women like me having to purchase 2 different colors just to settle on a “match”. That means if you want to try this new item you would spend $39 PER SHADE, to create a shade that matches you. I know many would think, “Well if it’s that serious, do business with those who include you!”, and I hear you. I do what I have to do to make it work. However, that doesn’t give HUGE BRANDS a pass that are asleep at the inclusion wheel; they don’t bat an eye to use WOC within their marketing to launch campaigns!

Point blank, the backlash from beauty influencers should prompt Tarte to have an open conversation with the beauty community and let everyone know they messed up. Instead, they noted they are releasing new colors and began to block people and comments made on their social media accounts from outraged consumers. I don’t think that making the announcement of new shades was enough of a fix to save this new product launch. I look forward to what the brand will do to clean up this major mishap.

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MAC and Nyma Tang Collab on the Horizon! Sat, 20 Jan 2018 11:32:27 +0000 I’m sooooooo here for the greatness that will be bestowed upon us! One of my favorite Beauty influencers Nyma Tang shared an amazing reveal that she has been granted the opportunity to create a new shade of lipstick with MAC! As confirmation, she was spotted in a cute MAC lab coat and photographed at MAC labs. Interesting fact: MAC was one of Nyma’s first video sponsors, so it’s cool to see the relationship has grown deeper between the two. Nyma is on a mission to create the perfect red, and hunny, I’m ready!

If you don’t know who Nyma is, she’s widely known on YouTube, especially for her “The Darkest Shade” series where Nyma tries the darker shade of newly released beauty products. This series allow women of deeper hues to be educated on new products and how they work. I think it’s a pretty cool series, as I’ve often wondered how inclusive certain brands are. Back to MAC showing our homegirl love, I think it’s well overdue and pretty dope as MAC has turned to working with more beauty influencers.

This news comes off the heels of the PatrickStarrr x MAC collab (Patrick is another YouTube beauty influencer). I’m very excited to see if she will be able to whip up some glosses or maybe even a face powder. Wouldn’t THAT be something? I think the most amazing thing about this announcement is the support from other beauty gurus that Nyma has received. One of her biggest supporters so far is Alissa Ashley.

As soon as the good new broke, Alissa took to Twitter and praised Nyma for her growth, overall positive attitude and bravery.

It pretty much seems like we all should have some coins set aside in 2018 for this collab!

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Join Glamnistas Sun, 10 Dec 2017 07:04:13 +0000

Are You Ready To Be Crowned?

Candice Renee’

Calling all makeup-obsessed fashion fanatics, and beauty bosses alike!
As an influencer, sometimes it’s hard for you to find brands to work with.

The thing is I KNOW that YOU have exactly what it takes because:

  • You have a burning passion for fashion and you’re enthusiastic about beauty. 
  • You have your finger on the pulse of your industry, and can bring brands closer to their target audience. 
  • You’re determined to represent a brand to the fullest, and create an effective partnership!
  • You’ve got what it takes to become the next BIGGEST influencer!
  • You are tired of joining communties that don’t help you profit! 

The disconnect is that most brands don’t know how to find the right influencers, and most influencers don’t know how to approach the right brands. 

This is where YOU make the difference.

I’m Candice Townsend, a social media strategist who works behind the scenes with small & million dollar brands. I’m hired to create strategies for brands that EFFECTIVELY grows their online presence, which allows them to increase their bottom line. Most brands that I work with within the beauty and fashion industry are missing a MAJOR key to crush their goals: passion driven influencers. I am always on the hunt to find people like yourself, because most brands I work with are unsure as to how to connect with effective and professional influencers.

This is YOUR chance to show off your talents, and make an impact while doing what you love.
This is for those who are ready to step out of the shadows, and into the spotlight.
This is MORE than just a community, this is THE community that will birth THE TOP influencers!


Perks of being apart of Globalnistas:  

1 Free Monthly Influencer Workshop: catered to providing insider training & resources needed to become a paid influencer lead by me! (Each workshop is valued at $99 each)

Training topics include: 

  • Perfect Promotions
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Social Media Profile Optimization
  • Effective Media Kits
  • Approaching Brands The Right Way
  • Blogging For Profits, Not Comments!

…and much more

Bi Weekly Industry Chats: Let’s sit and chat about industry updates, changes and current events 

Weekly Co-Hosted Live Activities: Let’s do some makeup together, first impressions of beauty and fashion products, do’s and don’ts and tips on how to increase your influence

Monthly Meet and Greets: Meet your community and actually NETWORK with each other influencers that are about action!

Weekly Challenges: Challenges designed to help you connect with those who would love to partner with you and to increase your exposure and knowledge

Featured Influencer of The Week: A chance to be featured as member of the month and LIVE presentation slot!

Influencer Templates: Including influencer contracts, campaign pitches, social media worksheets and more (worksheets valued at $29 each)

Live Event Opportunities: An invitation to participate in LIVE events such as webinars, confrences and retreats at a presenter


The Texas Women’s Confrence: Empowering Women To Lead The Charge! Mon, 06 Nov 2017 21:47:21 +0000  

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

As a minority influencer, business owner and most importantly, a woman, I find that attending events involved with helping women & minorities are a must! When I learned about the Texas Women’s Conference, I was excited that there was a conference specifically catered to the growth and prosperity of women! To be invited to attend by DiMe Media and Prudential; my instant reaction was “SIGN ME UP!”

The Texas Women’s Conference was held November 2nd 2017 in Austin, Texas. This was their 18th conference, and it attracted over 7000 inspired and career focused women in the Austin Convention Center. When you have a conference being lead with an all star main stage line up including Sheryl Sandberg, Viola Davis, Mallika Chopra and Anita Hill, this was a no brainer to attend! All of these ambitious and motivating ladies rocked the stage! The conference also allowed attendees to attend breakout sessions with an array of topics. This allowed women (and a few cool men!) to attend sessions with topics of interest that they wished to be a part of. One of the sessions I attended was Strategies To Win: Tackling the Invisible Barriers to Your Success which featured Janice Co, VP an head of marketing & Strategy for Prudential. The session was so packed that we were placed within a Live Stream room for us to be able to still be a part of the session. How cool is that?

See a clip of her panel discussion below.


After the session I decided to head to the exhibit hall where tons of brands sectioned off into umbrella areas like Business, Health and Finance, waiting to interact with the thousands of women that were eager to learn more. Prudential was one of the proud sponsors and partners of this event, and most people know that Prudential makes it a point to educate the community on finances & wise money practices.

They lead various mini workshops within the exhibit hall as well as giving free makeup sessions. In addition to that they provided free headshots, which I thought was amazing. As women in business and finance, we tend to struggle with our professional image, so to have the mini workshops and makeup sessions was indeed a big help.

Speaking of female entrepreneurs and finances, it’s rather alarming that when attending most conference’s that as entrepreneurs, we tend to shy away from discussing finances. In all honesty, it should be a HUGE topic being that many entrepreneurs need funding, or about investing for themselves as a small business owner. I know this was one of my struggles within entrepreneurship. I was excited to see many women taking full advantage of the workshops Prudential provided during the conference. I attended “How To Get an A+ in Saving for College”, held by Eva Osborne, who fully discussed educational finances and the pitfalls of student loans and how to avoid them. I was very shocked at some of the information provided, as she broke down student loans to the simplest points; most of the information was new to me! Needless to say I have some work to do in that area now.

All in all, this was an incredible opportunity to network with other women, get a better understanding of entrepreneurship as a whole, and have fun while doing it! I’ll definitely be attending again!

If you want to engage in additional financial information and workshops with Prudential please head to
You can also review this video below, as this video demonstrates the purchasing power of a multi-ethnic and multicultural populace.
Prudential is committed to providing education, tools and resources to grow and better serve individuals in all market segments, no matter their age, ethnicity, number of assets or sexual orientation.
Click to view this powerful message.
Social Media Basics Mon, 28 Aug 2017 23:41:00 +0000

Sending A Friend Request Alone IS NOT A Successful Connection Thu, 10 Aug 2017 00:26:25 +0000 The majority of you know that a proper social media strategy is an important part of your business, and you’re right! See, the thing is that you’re going about your social media strategy all wrong. What you may think are good social media practices are actually the thing that’s costing you money and business. At its core, social media is all about making connections with others, be it family, friends, potential customers or business partners. What I see many people getting wrong is thinking that making a connection is as simple as sending a friend request. It’s really much bigger than that, and you’re doing something wrong if you think it’s that simple! Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can work towards building a successful connection, and I’ll tell you how!



  1. Check out their profile!


One thing that I noticed is that prior to sending a friend request, most do not take the time to check out the profile of the person they are connecting to. Now, if the profile is private, then yes, you can’t view much content without becoming a friend. However, for those who have open pages, this is a prime opportunity to evaluate if this person is worth the time it would take to make a connection. You don’t want  to connect to those who would not benefit you in any way as this is a waste of your time. Yes, when trying to influence, having many friends can help your overall image, but does it help the overall quality of your business?


  1. Evaluate if this person can be a business connection or a target.


By you completing the first part (which is viewing their profile), you have given yourself an advantage to know how to steer the conversation once it occurs. If you can tell that this is someone who is in need of your help, you will be able to provide evidence as to why they need your help. If this is a business connection, you would be able to create a conversation that will point out how useful this connection can be to you. If you remain a bit unsure, at least you have a point of reference. If it is revealed that they might be one or the other, you already have a clue of who they are. Relationship building starts by getting a good idea of whom you are speaking to.


  1. Have an actual conversation with them!


This is where the real connection will happen! Jump in their inbox and introduce yourself. Notice I said YOURSELF, NOT the product or service that you offer. If you have a strong introduction, this person can determine if they are ready to engage with you or not. This is where you can find out a lot more about who you are connecting with, and make the connection a successful one;  after all, both parties want to benefit from the conversation. If you find that you struggle with introducing yourself properly, then I can help you with that. I won’t leave you to figure it out alone!


  1. Follow up with them!


This is a critical aspect of “building” the relationship. So you chatted, got to know each other and then what? How will you maintain the relationship? Follow up with that person! Will you allow it to just remain a one conversation and some likes on a FB page? Figure out what your follow up time frame will be and what will you follow up with. I say a free gift is pretty cool as this would help to further your relationship with this person. Your follow up says that you truly value what they have to offer, and what you can offer them!


The idea is that your social media strategy should be an important part of your business, and you must connect with others if you want to do business! However, it goes beyond searching random people and hitting “Add Friend”. If it was that simple, I’d do it myself! It’s time for you to be honest and say that your social media strategy needs some work, and you know that’s what I do! Give your social media the help it needs by learning how to properly make connections, and much more!