I’m sooooooo here for the greatness that will be bestowed upon us! One of my favorite Beauty influencers Nyma Tang shared an amazing reveal that she has been granted the opportunity to create a new shade of lipstick with MAC! As confirmation, she was spotted in a cute MAC lab coat and photographed at MAC labs. Interesting fact: MAC was one of Nyma’s first video sponsors, so it’s cool to see the relationship has grown deeper between the two. Nyma is on a mission to create the perfect red, and hunny, I’m ready!

If you don’t know who Nyma is, she’s widely known on YouTube, especially for her “The Darkest Shade” series where Nyma tries the darker shade of newly released beauty products. This series allow women of deeper hues to be educated on new products and how they work. I think it’s a pretty cool series, as I’ve often wondered how inclusive certain brands are. Back to MAC showing our homegirl love, I think it’s well overdue and pretty dope as MAC has turned to working with more beauty influencers.

This news comes off the heels of the PatrickStarrr x MAC collab (Patrick is another YouTube beauty influencer). I’m very excited to see if she will be able to whip up some glosses or maybe even a face powder. Wouldn’t THAT be something? I think the most amazing thing about this announcement is the support from other beauty gurus that Nyma has received. One of her biggest supporters so far is Alissa Ashley.

As soon as the good new broke, Alissa took to Twitter and praised Nyma for her growth, overall positive attitude and bravery.

It pretty much seems like we all should have some coins set aside in 2018 for this collab!