Dear Colourpop,

Can you PLEASE stop taking my extra coins?!

So if you haven’t heard, Colourpop has released not one……..BUT THREE new product reveals this week and I just CAN’T deal! I have fallen in LOVE with this brand, as their mission is to provide the beauty community with high quality makeup that doesn’t break the bank. They are incredible with the color payoff and overall performance of products they provide. Below are some peeks into what’s next:


  1. Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette

We gave the brand a bit of flack for being nudiepop with a lack of color in past couple of months, so they gave us a color launch so unreal these past 2 weeks, BUT these are nudes I can live with! These look rich in color, suitable for everyday wearable eye combos and dare I say….brown girl friendly as fuck? Yups, the coins shall be spilt over for this new beauty.


  1. In-Nude-Endo Highlight Palette

I have a feeling that many of you are going to notice that ABH recently revealed their newest highlight palette, and Colourpop’s newest palette bears some similarities indeed. I know these highlighters are going to be FIRE, because when it comes to glow, Colourpop does a pretty cool job. Expect to see a lot of content from influencers that will compare the two brands.

  1. Lux Lipstick by Colourpop

Now THIS was a launch that Colourpop hinted at for a bit, but many are still on the fence. See, Colourpop has its lippie stick products which are technically their spin of bullet lipsticks. Now that they are coming out with these, many wonder will lippie sticks take a super back seat, or will both products be sold. So far, it looks as though these are going to be super cute, but I don’t think I’m ready to part from my lippie sticks just yet!

Well there you have it; product photos, swatches and news about these upcoming products from TakeMyMoneyPop, lol. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands (and face) on these products and take them for a spin. What do you think of the new products?