The majority of you know that a proper social media strategy is an important part of your business, and you’re right! See, the thing is that you’re going about your social media strategy all wrong. What you may think are good social media practices are actually the thing that’s costing you money and business. At its core, social media is all about making connections with others, be it family, friends, potential customers or business partners. What I see many people getting wrong is thinking that making a connection is as simple as sending a friend request. It’s really much bigger than that, and you’re doing something wrong if you think it’s that simple! Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can work towards building a successful connection, and I’ll tell you how!



  1. Check out their profile!


One thing that I noticed is that prior to sending a friend request, most do not take the time to check out the profile of the person they are connecting to. Now, if the profile is private, then yes, you can’t view much content without becoming a friend. However, for those who have open pages, this is a prime opportunity to evaluate if this person is worth the time it would take to make a connection. You don’t want  to connect to those who would not benefit you in any way as this is a waste of your time. Yes, when trying to influence, having many friends can help your overall image, but does it help the overall quality of your business?


  1. Evaluate if this person can be a business connection or a target.


By you completing the first part (which is viewing their profile), you have given yourself an advantage to know how to steer the conversation once it occurs. If you can tell that this is someone who is in need of your help, you will be able to provide evidence as to why they need your help. If this is a business connection, you would be able to create a conversation that will point out how useful this connection can be to you. If you remain a bit unsure, at least you have a point of reference. If it is revealed that they might be one or the other, you already have a clue of who they are. Relationship building starts by getting a good idea of whom you are speaking to.


  1. Have an actual conversation with them!


This is where the real connection will happen! Jump in their inbox and introduce yourself. Notice I said YOURSELF, NOT the product or service that you offer. If you have a strong introduction, this person can determine if they are ready to engage with you or not. This is where you can find out a lot more about who you are connecting with, and make the connection a successful one;  after all, both parties want to benefit from the conversation. If you find that you struggle with introducing yourself properly, then I can help you with that. I won’t leave you to figure it out alone!


  1. Follow up with them!


This is a critical aspect of “building” the relationship. So you chatted, got to know each other and then what? How will you maintain the relationship? Follow up with that person! Will you allow it to just remain a one conversation and some likes on a FB page? Figure out what your follow up time frame will be and what will you follow up with. I say a free gift is pretty cool as this would help to further your relationship with this person. Your follow up says that you truly value what they have to offer, and what you can offer them!


The idea is that your social media strategy should be an important part of your business, and you must connect with others if you want to do business! However, it goes beyond searching random people and hitting “Add Friend”. If it was that simple, I’d do it myself! It’s time for you to be honest and say that your social media strategy needs some work, and you know that’s what I do! Give your social media the help it needs by learning how to properly make connections, and much more!