As an influencer and more so as a woman, I KNOW that Valentine’s Day becomes a pretty big deal around this time for those who are in love. The thought of trying to pull it all together for that special someone can be mentally and monetarily draining. That’s why this series was created! Think of me as like your Fairy Valentine’s Day Genie! This series will help you WOW your special person and be gentle on the pockets. Let’s get into it!

Make It A Detox Night

Nothing screams thoughtful like a great night indoors sharing some much needed alone time with each other. Now I understand that this can be done anytime of the year, but with these added extras it will add a SPECIAL touch to the cause. You might just gain sweetheart of the year award to boot (Let me know if you do!)

Step One: Homemade Bath Bombs!

Yes, homemade as in infuse your time and energy into making homemade bath bombs for your sweetie! This is a great experience; making something with your hands lets you take a lot of pride in seeing others enjoy it. I made some recently, and it was a great experience as I whipped up my lavender infused bath buddies. I used molds from Ian’s Choice (click here to purchase your set) and a recipe from here . For the oils; I had a cute little box set from here which gives you a variety to play with. Be sure to follow directions as essential oils are serious business and using too much can create some issue. The hard part of this project was being patient with the process of them bomb molding since I wanted to INSTANTLY use them because they smelled sooooo good. Here goes my end result after giving some away.

These bath bombs also help to remove impurities from the skin. Detoxing from a long day is exactly what anyone would love to do and this is a great moment to make it happen. Bonus IDEA: Make some bath bombs with your sweets! It would be a fun bonding experience and will surely turn into a cute activity that you guys can do every now and again. Be sure not to tell them what the end result will be for them though.

Step Two: Aroma Therapy

So you got the oils from above right? Cool, NOW let’s take this bad boy UP a notch! Create a super relaxing atmosphere with an oil diffuser! I got this cool little guy from Ominihome . It’s pretty easy to use and silent but works like a charm! Since Lavender is calming oil and you probably used the lavender oil to create the bath bomb, you now have a nice calming and relaxing theme going! You could always use a different scent that pairs well with Lavender, like Sandlewood or Rosemary. So follow the directions where you fill the reservoir to a certain point, add 3 drops of oil and allow it to fill the air. I suggest you place this in the bathroom, as that would fill up the room with an amazing smell that will enchant your sweetheart.

Step Three: By Candlelight

So we got bath bombs, we got soothing smells and now we add the candles. Yes, this is the romantic scene we see in the movies and it doesn’t seem that original, BUT how often do we take the time to put all this together for the one we love? I found these Target and I instantly grabbed them before I know what they were! These babies hold candles and allow you to be safe and cute! Having about 3 of these lit in a bathroom with the lights off over very dim would give a very romantic setting. Wanna know the best part? They are only $3 a piece and once done if your sweetheart is a lady or you want to take the spoils they can double as really cute makeup brush holders. How about that? Just remove any wax that might have spilled and you are good to go!

Execution: Call off the day OR go home early. Have all items in place before your hunny gets home and when they come through the door, release the hounds! Paired with a nice dinner this would be a perfect night! Thank me later!