Now that we got that out the way, I am sure you have heard the words “target”, “targeting” and “target audience” being thrown around by various business professionals. One thing that I often hear are ways to find your target audience, which is awesome as that is a HUGE pain point for most fresh business owners looking to make profits. However, have you ever taken the time to ask yourself why is it so important to identify your target audience? Why should you as a business owner care? If so, continue reading!

1. Save yourself the guess work
No one likes to pitch to an empty room. Many would think just because you are at a business event that everyone in the room is a potential client, but fail to understand that’s not how things usually pan out. Honestly, you tend to leave with 100 business cards and 2 possible connections. Understanding who your target audience is and where they hang out at is a sure fire way to end the guessing game. You would instantly know if this person is a potential connection you should invest your time in without having that disappointing feeling at the end of a 20- minute conversation that you thought was going so well.

2. Creation of an ideal client
Some people may come your way and want to work with you but in all honesty, they may not be the right client for YOU. Developing a sense of who you would like to work with and why can help you eliminate those who will not benefit from what you have to offer. I’m not saying that everyone that comes you way must meet every check item on your target list, but you can’t serve someone who needs a business plan if your special power is helping people build a business product. Operate within your scope and stick to it!

3. You will only create products and services that make sense!
Have you ever found yourself wondering why people choose to do business with you? It’s because you provide a product or service that either helps or entertains them! If you’re unable to identify your target audience, people will have you out here selling sneakers, selling dinner plates and teaching people how to float in a pool just because you know how to do all three things. NEVER allow the lack of direction take you from operating within your purpose!

I’m launching a class and the FIRST topic we are going to tackle is self-identification as a business and targeting where we will flesh out your target audience. Now that you know the importance of why you SHOULD have your target audience figured out, why not learn how to create that ideal client and how to build a relationship with them via social media!